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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

International 'book fair,' Tehran style

The 15th International Book Fair of Iran opened its doors on Monday in Tehran with the unusual application of placing US and Israeli flags on the floor of the 'Palestinian' section of the event to be trampled.

More at Little Green Footballs. This is from YNet:
Trampling US and Israel flags is common in Iran. Ever since the Islamic revolution swept the country in 1979, the sights of burning or trampled US and Israel flags, along with signs calling for the destruction of the two, have been seen in almost every one of the anti-West demonstrations stages by the regime.

Using flags as doormats is considered a small protest against what Iran calls the "big devil" and the "little devil" – the former being the US and the latter – Israel.


Iran, it seems, wants to use the exhibition to enhance its position among the Islamic nations and maybe even solidify its status as their leader. In order to do that, Iran must continue its fight against those considered Islam's sworn enemies – the US and Israel.

Twenty-one countries have taken part in the exhibition titled "Life of the Koran, Islamic Unity". Held in the hall named after the Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini, this is the 15th exhibition of its kind.

The exhibition features Koran related artwork, translation of the scriptures, paintings and calligraphies. It will stand in Tehran until the end of Ramadan and then tour 30 of Iran's provinces.

This year's exhibition also features a special section dedicated to Jerusalem, as well as sections on "Palestine" and the "divine protection" – a nickname given to the days of the Iran-Iraq war, which took place in 1980–1988.
It looks like they're just breaking down the doors to get in, doesn't it?


At 7:44 PM, Blogger Red Tulips said...


I started to read The Jewish State by Yoram Hazony, and I feel it misses most of the point of where the problem of "post-zionism" and Jewish self hatred stems from. I believe that the essence of the problem can be summed up by the way the Islamists describe Israel as little Satan.

Jewish self hatred is not limited to the Jews; Western self hate is at an all time high, and I hope to visit Eurodhimmiland this winter just to see the Louvre and large parts of Paris prior to it being taken over by Islamists. What does Western self-hate and Jewish Israeli self-hate have in common? Answer: they both derive from a hatred of capitalism and the American way.

Israel was formed upon a "labor-zionist" ideal, and I view this, i.e., its socialist roots, as the core of the problem. Every year that Israel moves away from these socialist roots, it has a greater and greater chance of success against its internal and external enemies.

Socialism is a form of nihilism, and it is directly inapposite to an idea of Judaism. True socialism cannot succeed as long as Jews remain Jewish. The USSR knew this, witness their extensive antisemitism. Karl Marx knew this, see On the Jewish Question.

And so Israel did perform genuine bad things against its religious populations early on in its statehood. I would argue this is the result of the nihilistic orientation of its Founders. The way the Mizrahi, for instance, were treated by the 'liberal' socialist Zionist elite is deplorable.

But this all is the result of an anti-Jewish attitude exhibited by the founders of Israel. This anti-Jewish attitude stems from socialism, which is also anti-Christian and anti-nationalistic. To the extent that the West has been gripped by suicidal tendancies, this is why.

Israel's self hate did not materialize out of thin blue air. The self hatred in Israel is minimal in comparison to what is in Eurodhimmiland and the US, aka, "Big Satan," from whence the self-hating philosophy has its roots. This self hatred is even evident in India, whereby the communist parties seek total abdication of India's might to the Islamists. (remember that communists and Islamists are aligned)

The future of Israel and the West rests with the rejection of nihilism and the embrace of an alternative, non-suicidal philosophy. Judaism is one such alternative, but is by no means the only one.


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