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Friday, September 07, 2007

Appalling bias from Al-Beeb's World Service

This is an appallingly biased segment on life in Gaza that was shown by al-Beeb's 'World Service' earlier this week.

You will note that it discusses the three 'Palestinian' children who were killed when an IAF helicopter struck at rocket launchers that had been used against Israel. BBC treats this story by saying "Israel killed three children.... It has withdrawn a claim that they were involved in launching rockets...." There was no indication that the children were actually playing 'Hide and Seek' in the area of the launchers or that the launchers were set up in a civilian area where 'Palestinian' civilians would be endangered if Israel went after the launchers.

It's 2:30 into the 3:20 report before al-Beeb even mentions that "rockets are still being launched at Israel, and there is no indication of the fear that engenders, the interruption of ordinary daily routine, or the long-term effects - especially on children - on growing up in an environment where air raid sirens go off several times a day and microphones blare "Tzeva Adom" six or seven times a day wherever they go.

Simply an appallingly biased piece of reporting. Watch below for yourselves.


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