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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Why there's nothing to eat in Hamastan

When Israel controlled the Gaza Strip, some 70% of the country's vegetables, including most of its tomatoes and cucumbers, came from hothouses in the Gaza Strip. Enterprising Jewish farmers produced a bug-free line of vegetables, including lettuce, celery, dill, petrozilla, scallions and many others, that were a source of pride for this country. Gaza also produced all of our strawberries. (See picture of greenhouse under the Jews).

When Israel expelled all of the Jews from the Gaza Strip, former World Bank Chairman James Wolfensohn arranged for the purchase of the hothouses by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation (yes, if you are using a Microsoft product to read this, you helped pay for it) and their transfer intact to the 'Palestinians.' But the 'Palestinians' destroyed the hothouses, and they have been used instead for weapons tunnels.

For those of you who keep hearing the recurrent warnings of the collapse of the 'Palestinian economy' (there was another one over the weekend) you will now understand why I choose to ignore Chicken Little complaining that the sky is about to fall over Gaza. You see, if the 'Palestinians' were interested in producing food for their 'people,' they could. Unfortunately, the only thing that really excites the 'Palestinians' is murdering Jews. They don't want a 'state' - they want to destroy the Jewish state. And that is why they have squandered opportunity after opportunity to take a huge bite out of this country for a second 'Palestinian' state.

Case in point: The IDF uncovered another weapons tunnel in Gaza yesterday. Guess where it started:
An underground tunnel stretching towards Israel from the northern Gaza Strip and hidden by a Palestinian greenhouse was discovered by the IDF on Tuesday, security forces reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, Palestinian terror organizations hoped to fill the tunnel with bombs, which would then be detonated under an unspecified Israeli civilian or military target. The army is also checking into the possibility that gunmen intended to use the tunnel to infiltrate into Israel.

With the help of intelligence passed onto the IDF, security forces found the tunnel hidden underneath a greenhouse which was being used to grow tomatoes. Although the tunnel was not yet finished, it had succeeded in coming to within 700 meters of the security barrier. IDF troops discovered in the tunnel a generator which was thought to have assisted their excavation efforts.

The security establishment noted that the tunnel is likely to be one of many which have been dug, or are being dug from Gaza into Israel.

"It's not unreasonable to think that more of these kinds of tunnels exist, and that terrorists are just waiting for the day when they receive the order to use them," one IDF official said.
But give them a state reichlet and they'll worry about feeding their people instead of about murdering Jews. Maybe we'd better dig up all their 'greenhouses.'


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