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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Why the left sides with militant Islam against Israel

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred have an incisive analysis of just what it is about Israel that gets the Arab world riled up. (Hint: It's not about the 'Palestinians'). I strongly recommend that you read the whole thing.

One of the things that most fascinated me about this post was the way in which they explain why the political left has put itself in league with Islamic militants.

Hat Tip: Pajamas Media

It would be easy to say that antisemitism is at the root of the anti Israel sentiments, but that is untrue. Many espousing that sentiment are liberal or leftist Jews and others with an impeccable track record of standing at the fore for social justice, racial equality and defenders of human rights (none of that applies to most Arabs or Muslims. They have a clearly antisemitic agenda, that is very much the ‘mother’s milk’ of the region, taught from a very early age. Many believe that by aligning themselves with leftists, that agenda will either be ignored or adopted by the leftist movement).

There is something about Israel that enrages the left- and that something has to do with having to engage evil on a daily basis. The Israelis must deal with an evil that is real, evident and clearly defined. For the left, evil can not exist because the recognition of evil forces societies and cultures to set boundaries and limitations. Even more, evil helps to define culture and communal behavior. If there is no evil, the individual and the individual’s needs and wants are of paramount concern. If there is evil, then the community and the needs of the community are of concern. The needs of the individual are subjugated. For the narcissistic individual, this is a catastrophe of the highest order, and that is why for the narcissistic leftists, the only evil they can acknowledge is the evil that places the welfare pf the community or state over the welfare of the individual.

In the case of Israel, that must be done every single day. To not put the safety and well being of the community at the fore would result in disaster. This is not hard to understand. Promises of rape, slaughter and destruction are ingrained into a culture, reinforced daily.


Islamic fundamentalism, as opposed to Islamic terror, has hurt western culture, because we have refused to marginalize and reject the ideology. There is the mistaken belief that we can negotiate our way out of trouble. In doing so, we are drinking from the cup of poison. While we can negotiate with societies that share our values, we are sorely mistaken if we believe we can negotiate with cultures and societies bent on our elimination.

We will not cease to be the tempters and we will not cease to be the cause of Arab world failures, no matter how much we drink from the cup of poison. In the end, the poison will kill us.

For an excellent look at psychological defense mechanisms and how ideologies and culture play a role in those mechanisms, see Dr Sanity’s Symptom Or Adaptation? It is a must read and analysis of how contrived defense mechanisms can undermine cultures and the individual, using much of the Islamic world as an example.

Like I said, read the whole thing.


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