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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What the Arabs like about Israel

I'll bet you've all been wondering what the Arabs like about Israel. Until today, I didn't think they liked anything about us. I was wrong. There's something they love about us: pornography. Especially when it's on the web so it's anonymous. And it's not just the 'Palestinians.' The most popular 'plots' are those involving female soldiers and female Mossad agents. I wonder why....
Operators of a number of porn sites report that between two and 10% of their users arrive from Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt, and the Palestinian Authority. Some websites even go as far as offering services in Arabic.

Nir Shahar, who manages the Israeli porn website, 'Ratuv' (wet), said that his company produced porn movies that have typical Israeli themes featuring female soldiers, female Mossad agents and policewomen.

It turns out there is a high demand for such content even in countries that are defined as "enemy states." The most popular video clip among Arabs, "Code name: Deep investigation," is described as "a parody dealing with the Vanunu affair with agents investigating the affair using erotic means."

In the past several months we see an increase in traffic from countries that have no diplomatic ties with Israel including Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt," Shahar said.

Due to the demand, Shahar added an Arabic version of the site. "We received many thank you messages from Arab surfers. Many of whom asked if the female soldiers really serve in the IDF," he said.


"We get hundreds of hits from surfers that live in countries where porn is prohibited," said Gil Naftali owner and operator of another Hebrew sex site, SexV. "We don't have an Arabic version because users log in to watch photos and video clips that require no explanations."

According to site statistics, last month there were over 2,000 hits from Riad, the capital of Saudi Arabia. The average time a Saudi surfer spends on SexV is 17:23 minutes. [For those of you who don't have blogs, a typical hit on a blog site lasts one minute - two minutes tops. Any time my average goes over 2 minutes, I know I'm providing interesting content. 17:23 is astounding. CiJ]

Data also shows that 10 percent of the visitors to the most popular sex site in Israel, Domina, are Arabic speakers. "That is because we offer content in their language," said Tzahi who operates the site.

Nothing seems to stop the porn-consuming Saudi, not even technical difficulties: "In many places Israel is blocked, at times the entire suffix ".co.il" is blocked. Users connect through proxy servers and reach us that way," he said.
If this story ever makes the Arab media, it will either be played as the evil Jews entrapping the poor Muslims, or the Arabs will deny it completely. But at least someone in Israel is making money off them.

Update 4:06 PM

Ironically, NOW Magazine is reporting today that al-Qaeda has released a video threatening to murder professional soccer player David Beckham and singer Justin Timberlake because they are 'bad influences on young Muslims.' From the story I quoted above, it sounds like 'young Muslims' don't need any help finding 'bad influences'.


At 2:14 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

Wouldn't it be gteat if it would balance out the oil imports!

At 4:15 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

No, this enterprise can only cause harm to Israel.


At 4:18 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

On my monitor, part of my last link (that is, the word "will") was cut off.

The link should end:

At 11:50 PM, Blogger Carlos E. Hös said...

Wow.I will post in my blog.
Thanks and good job.

At 7:06 AM, Blogger Luisa said...

people searching for this stuff are just sick
Why you think it should make a difference if coming from Israel ?


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