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Sunday, August 05, 2007

UN quietly refuses to help 'Palestinians'

The UN Security Council quietly turned down a resolution proposed by Qatar to provide 'humanitarian assistance' to the 'Palestinians.' You probably didn't hear about it though, because this wasn't an attempt to condemn Israel for a change. The New York Sun reports:
A proposed U.N. Security Council action meant to alleviate Palestinian Arab humanitarian suffering was withdrawn yesterday due to lack of support. But in a twist on an ancient United Nations ritual, the first diplomat to welcome the proposal's defeat was the Palestinian Arab observer, Riyad Mansour.

Mr. Mansour accused the Arab Security Council member, Qatar, which sponsored the attempt to address the situation in Gaza, of trying to bring internal Palestinian Arab disputes into the council. Other U.N. diplomats were even more blunt, saying Hamas was behind the Qatari move and that it was designed to embarrass the Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority government of President Abbas.

Referring to the Hamas political director, Mr. Mansour yesterday told The New York Sun that Khaled "Meshaal goes back and forth between Syria and Qatar; you draw your own conclusion." According to Mr. Mansour, the Qatari ambassador to the United Nations, Nassir Abdulaziz al-Nasser, did not consult him or anyone in the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority before writing his draft proposal for a presidential statement by the council about the humanitarian situation in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. Nor did Mr. Nasser consult the group of Arab U.N. ambassadors who regularly coordinate their council moves, or the voting bloc known as the Non-Aligned Movement, Mr. Mansour added.

"When it comes to issues related the Palestinians, it's objectionable to us to act behind our backs," he said. "There is only one Palestinian representative here at the U.N." Deepening the divide among Palestinian Arab factions by bringing their issue to the council, Mr. Mansour said, "is not for the benefit of the Palestinian people."

Mr. Nasser did not return a phone call seeking comment yesterday.
And ignoring the problem and pretending that Fatah is in charge will make the problem go away.


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