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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Terrorist immunity unraveling

You will recall that just two and a half weeks ago, Prime Minister Ehud K. Olmert granted immunity to some 178 Fatah terrorists, promising that Israel would not longer pursue them provided they turned in a weapon and signed a meaningless piece of paper saying that they would not be involved in terrorism for at least three months. The move was meant to strengthen 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen, the Good Terrorist.

This morning, YNet reported that the deal gift is on the verge of collapse because Israel refuses to extend the 'arrangement' to another 206 terrorists and because the 'Palestinians' don't have enough money to pay for the weapons being handed in.
According to the deal, the pardoned Fatah members will be permitted to join the Palestinian security services but will be prohibited from carrying arms.

However, the ['Palestinian'] source said Israel complained to the Palestinians that some of those included on the list have yet to commit to laying down their arms and refrain from conducting any terror activity.

According to the security official, Israel claimed that half of the Fatah members on the list have not handed in their weapons to the Palestinian security forces. He confirmed that some gunmen have in fact refused to disarm.

“The activists said that laying down their arms – even if Israel lives up to its end of the bargain – would leave them exposed to acts of revenge by (Palestinian) collaborators or their families,” the security official said.

According to him, some activists purchased their rifles for tens of thousands of shekels and are now demanding full compensation.

“I hope that in the next few days we will solve the problems and collect all of the weapons so that we may discuss (with Israel) the transfer of West Bank towns to our control,” the official told Ynet, adding that the PA plans to allocate additional funds toward reimbursing activists who return their weapons.

Meanwhile, a senior al-Aqsa member not included in the amnesty deal told Ynet that if the list of pardoned gunmen would not be expanded, his men would not see themselves obligated to maintain the calm.
But give them a state reichlet and they'll disarm.



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