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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Terror attack in Jerusalem's Old City with videotape

As many of you have heard already, there was a terror attack in Jerusalem's Old City on Friday. An 'Israeli-Arab' from the Galilee grabbed a security guard's gun, shot the security guard, and then engaged in a gun battle with another security guard on a crowded street in the Old City's bazaar. The terrorist was killed and ten people were wounded, including the security guard whose ammunition was stolen.

In the immediate aftermath of the attack, we were treated to claims that the guards had 'over-reacted' and the terrorist's family claimed he could not possibly have carried out the act of which he was accused. But the 'Palestinian' terror groups rushed to take credit for the attack carried out by 29-year old Ahmad Mahmoud Khatib of Kafr Manda, who was survived by his pregnant wife and baby daughter, and they have apparently 'backed up' their claims:
Shin Bet investigators raided Khatib's village on Friday and arrested a number of residents in order to check whether he had operated on his own or had been sent by an organization.

Over the weekend, three Palestinian organizations – the military wings of Fatah, the Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – claimed responsibility for the attempted terror attack which they referred to as "a military operation" in Jerusalem.

A joint statement issued by Martyr Abu-Ali Mustafa Brigades (PFLP's military wing), the al-Quds Brigades (the Islamic Jihad's military wing) and Fatah's al-Aqsa Brigades, said that a photo of the "shahid" (martyr) would be presented shortly. On Saturday evening, a poster showing Khatib above the Dome of the Rock and the Koran was released, hailing him as "the martyr of al-Aqsa".
Well what do you know? The al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades of 'moderate' 'Palestinian President' Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen, the people who were granted immunity from pursuit by dhimmi Prime Minister Ehud K. Olmert, have carried out another terror attack.

Khatib's family claims that he would never do such a thing (the fact that Israel routinely destroys terrorists' homes might have something to do with that claim):
Khatib's acquaintances and relatives of the terrorist said that they were surprised to hear about the incident he was involved in, during which he snatched the gun of one security guard before exchanging fire with another guard.

According to the acquaintances, "He was a quiet and introverted person, who was incapable of raising his hand on anyone. People cannot believe what is being said here, that he snatched a security guard's weapon. He is simply a person who is incapable of doing such a thing."

They added that his family was "normative, quiet and respected."

The family's acquaintances said that as far as they knew, Khatib told other residents who arrived with him in Jerusalem that he planned to stay in the city for the afternoon prayer and return later.

"Many people from our community go to pray in Jerusalem on Friday. It is a very central city for us," one of the acquaintances said. "We are shocked to hear what happened, particularly when the family has yet to receive any clear information. They are waiting to hear from the police what really happened, and are waiting to see when the funeral will take place."

Many of those who arrived at the family's home on Saturday claimed that Khatib was "killed for nothing" as he did not try to carry out a shooting attack.

According to the acquaintances, the incident was made up by the two security guards in order to avoid murder charges.

"The guards are the only ones who say that he tried to snatch the weapon. There is no evidence for that, and he can no longer testify and defend himself. It's a shame that the police fell for it, as did the Shin Bet apparently. We are now calling it first-degree murder."
Well, we can go to the videotape taken by security cameras and you can all decide for yourself whether Mr. Khatib was trying to murder innocent people (Hat Tip: Lawhawk).


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