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Friday, August 24, 2007

A star is born, 'Palestinian' style

At The American Thinker, Steve Feldman takes apart Dion Nissenbaum for his 'interview' with 11-year old Saraa Barhoum, the child star of Hamas television's Tomorrow's Pioneers.
Sure, she has not murdered anyone (as best we know), but how many future murders has she motivated, when she should instead be discussing topics that most little girls think about: clothes, music or boys?

Thanks to Nissenbaum, Saraa is almost as famous in America as she is in Gaza and Ramallah. Will she be on the Disney Channel next thanks to his exposure?

Saraa has no-doubt been a prominent cog in the Palestinian-Arab machine that churns out waves of young homicidal maniacs - ticking time-bombs that only they and their handlers know exactly when and where they will detonate.

To be fair, Nissenbaum notes in his piece that the show Saraa stars in, "Tomorrow's Pioneers," is produced by the group Hamas (though he neglects to call them terrorists, even though that is the label our government gives them); that much of her dialogue is "militant rhetoric" and that "she hopes to die for her cause, be it suicide bombing, fighting the Israeli military or some other way."

Nissenbaum adds that the girl would be "proud to be a martyr" but he never describes fully what that means: that to do so would entail taking another's life with a bomb, gun, knife or other means, by, say, detonating oneself aboard a bus, in a mall or at a pizza parlor.

The writer states that Hamas uses shows like "Tomorrow's Pioneers" to "promote its agenda and challenge its rivals" as if it was advocating good dental hygiene while its "rivals" are in favor of rotting teeth.

When Nissenbaum brings in an academic to offer analysis, he merely reports that "Hamas is fighting a political war" to become more popular among Palestinian-Arabs than Fatah - as if they were akin to Democratic and Republican challenges.

But Hamas is a far cry from our "red-state" "blue-state" clashes.


What we who follow the unfolding situation know is that there is something very wrong when the mainstream media portrays Hamas and its ilk as mere politicians or takes a real girl as demented as the character Regan in "The Exorcist" and instead likens her to Pippi Longstockings.

It is time for the fiction and fairytales to end. There is no doubt that, with money being fungible, somehow, someway, our tax dollars are funding this poison. Dishonest or misdirecting articles such as Nissenbaum's prevent Americans from learning what our enemies are up to and making sure our leaders combat them.
Feldman is right of course. The Western media plays right into the Islamic terrorists' hands by romanticizing their acts as if they were the products of normal minds. Ask a kid growing up in Sderot today what it's like to be under constant rocket fire. Yesterday, the radio was full of news about how parents in Sderot want to send their kids to school outside of the town because the classrooms in Sderot are mostly not fortified yet - and so the kids will have a few hours a day away from the constant sirens. Unfortunately, it will likely take a major tragedy with lots of casualties to get people to take Hamas' Kassam fire seriously.

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