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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rafael's Trophy protection system for tanks

This is a truly impressive video. Let's just hope that the defense budget allows this system to be installed on every tank in the IDF.

Hat Tip: ouwet.com

More pictures here. (Hat Tip for pictures: Amir in Tel Aviv)

Update 9:10 PM

For those of you who are wondering why the US isn't using the same system in Iraq, the answer is here. (Hat Tip: NY Nana)


At 4:44 PM, Blogger Broomer said...

Couldn't this technology be applicable to Sederot?

At 4:56 PM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...


I don't think so, because I think it's mounted on a tank. It was developed due to all the casualties last summer from anti-tank missiles in Lebanon.

Sderot needs something more like the Patriot missile system. The problem with the Patriot itself is that it is designed for longer range and higher flying missiles.

What Sderot really needs is for the IDF to go in and clear out Gaza and for the government to stop pretending that missile fire is tolerable even if we can shoot down the missiles. Just like we keep developing new responses, the 'Palestinians' are developing and smuggling new missiles.

At 6:31 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Actually, it was developed before the war, it was tested before the war, but budget prevented for it to be installed. It was even under advanced evaluation by US. And it can't protect sderot because of the range. It shoots buckshot at the incoming missile. Sderot can be protected by THEL, but that project was put on hold, also for budget reasons. Before last summer, most of the politicians believed that IDF needs a strong air force, for countries like Iran, and a police force for yesha. Events in Gaza and Lebanon proved them wrong.

At 7:03 PM, Blogger Dave in Pa. said...

If my memory is correct about a JPost article I read, the majority of (actually a small number)IDF tanks knocked out in Lebanon were knocked out by landmines and large IEDs. This system couldn't do anything about those dangers to armored vehicles.

I think the tacticians are right: the best way to protect a tank is by it's accompanying infantry, whom the armor are of course reciprocally supporting.

Integrated, well-trained infantry, armor, artillery and air support which are fighting in an offensive mode are the best guarantors of relatively low casualties and asset losses.

At 9:45 PM, Blogger Lois Koenig said...

Thanks for the hat tip, Carl

IMHO, the US military really made a very big mistake.

Raytheon's product, from what I hear, is just not anywhere as good.

At 2:34 AM, Blogger Daniel said...

The libs feel that if enough restraint is shown, good arabs will rise up.Perhaps they are right-ha ha-, but that ideology requires martyrs be made in Sderot.
What galls me is that in both Israel and the US, Jewish libs love making maryrs to thier cause with other people s families. A decent leader would move to Sderot to show solidarity-ha ha!!!!!
It's like NYC growing up. The libs would build low income housing projects in someone elses neighborhood, and would feel good about it.

At 5:22 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Aloha; you might be surprised to find out that the Rafael system 'TROPHY was taken over in the Very Early 1990's from IMI to be developed to be installed on IDF armor forces. Indeed the first vehicle was to be the new 1999 Merkava Mark IV which was announced in October 1999. IAI has also since developed a lighter weight and more flexible system known as 'Iron Fist' in the early 2000's and can be even mounted on such small vehicles as the HUMVEE.
They both feature 360 degree detection, coverage and protectin as well as internal reloading. They both can fire simultaneously in opposite directions continuously. In regards to the 3 forms of IED's there is still another solution being added to Merkava based tanks and Namer armor personnel carriers called Thor which includes a revolutionary Laser along with either a 50 caliber chain gun or the Spike family of long range missiles. You can see both images and a lot more details at URL..
http://www.supervideo.com/MXCD-ROMOS.htm NOW, in regards to protecting Both Sederot and any town, city or village in Israel from 120mm WWII Russian rocket fire by Hezbollah and Hamas is with a armor portable system based on the land version of the Israel Navy 20 year old Barak system called ADDAMS. This because you do not want to shoot down a $5 In-Coming rocket with a million dollar out-going interceptor. Basically this system uses a more efficient and much longer range missile called Python V (version Five) and practically destroys the Katyusha's over enemy territory as the Python is capable of high MACH numbers. Mahalo nui Aloha


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