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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

'Palestinians' don't need to hurry

Ron Breiman explains what he would do if he were a 'Palestinian.'
The Israeli defense minister, he who pulled the IDF out from Lebanon in a manner that planted the seeds for the second war in Lebanon, he who gave Nasrallah the appropriate backdrop for his famous "spider's web" speech, once said that if he were a Palestinian he would have joined a terror organization.

After his return to the office from which he was shamefully ousted after the 2001 elections, he is again showing his capabilities, this time by sending the IDF against Israeli citizens, with the applause of "Transfer Now" members and their colleagues from the human rights movements (provided that the human beings in question are not Jews.)

Recalling what Barak said, I have asked myself what would I have done if I were a Palestinian? Actually, I wouldn't do anything.

If I were a Palestinian, I would just wait for the Jews. They are so anxious to sell out their land – sorry, to hand it over, since it is a process of "selling" without receiving any payment in return – and therefore courting their enemy, begging that he agrees to take their homeland.

Ehud Barak offered Adolf Arafat 95 percent of the heartland of the Land of Israel and got the Oslo War as an outcome; Ehud Olmert offers Mahmoud Abbas, the holocaust denier, 100 percent, with the backing of Shimon Peres, the architect of the Oslo War; and, if Tzipi Livni, who aspires to replace Olmert, will eventually get his post, she may offer him 105 percent of the heartland. Thus shall it be done to the enemy whom the king of the Jews delights to honor!

If so, why hurry? Mahmoud Abbas can hug Ehud Olmert in Jericho and Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza, receive guns from the Jews and money from the Europeans in order to strengthen his good terrorists, and show Hamas' Khaled Mashaal that by using "peace" maneuvers it is possible to get more from the Jews.

In the meantime, his brothers, the bad terrorists, will continue to fortify and arm: Cement from the Jews for the construction of underground bunkers that will make IDF soldiers bleed, weapons from the Egyptians above and below the ground, and money from the big brother in Tehran. Israel, who used to be the symbol of determination in the fight against terror, has turned to support it, for the sake of "peace."

Day after day, our region sees more and more Palestinian states emerging. The "2-state-vision" inherited the old Zionist vision in the eyes of the post/anti-Zionists. Today there is already a Palestinian state in Gaza for the bad terrorists; today another Palestinian state is offered to the good terrorists in Judea and Samaria – the Israeli media for example have forgotten that after all the landlord of Judea and Samaria is the IDF, and behave as if "president" Abbas is the landlord in our heartland; and, sure enough, there is a third Palestinian state east of the Jordan river.

What has been left in order to achieve the vision of Greater Palestine is the establishment of a fourth Palestinian state, between the sea and the Green Line, for the pleasure of the Arabs within Israel.
Ordinarily, I would have just stopped here and told you to read the whole thing, but I want to relate something he says towards the end to something that happened this weekend.
It seems that the Israeli police, as well as the IDF, do not lack manpower or resources. He who has not seen 3,000 police officers attacking two Jewish families with 14 children has never seen a well coordinated operation, or, more precisely, hasn't seen one since the rigorous and precisely-executed ethnic cleansing of Jews from the Gaza Strip and Northern Samaria by their well-dressed and equipped brothers.
Seven people were killed in traffic accidents in Israel this past weekend. In the worst accident, a father and his five-year old daughter were killed, the mother was critically wounded, and a son was 'lightly' wounded when a speeding truck literally ran right up on top of their car on the main Tel Aviv - Jerusalem highway (between Lod and Ben Shemen on the Jerusalem-bound side; for those who don't know the highway it's a stretch that is known for speeding). The truck driver, a 55-year old man from 'East Jerusalem' (i.e. an Arab, although you won't find that in any of the media) had 190 prior traffic violations. Why was he still driving? Because the Israeli police - who were too busy sending 3000 officers to expel two Jewish families from Hebron last week - have not got enough manpower to get drivers like this one off the roads.

I'm posting the only picture of the car in which the damage could be seen that I found online. However, I have seen another picture of the car in which it is literally underneath the truck that was driving behind it. The next time you see an article about how Israel is deploying its police force, think about how many other things they could be doing aside from expelling Jews from their homes.

And read Breiman's entire article. It's worth the five minutes.


At 9:40 AM, Blogger HEADJANITOR said...

There is but one hopeful aspect to the unspeakably deranged state of public affairs in Israel, that is, by no means can the madness long continue: it must, of necessity, soon self-destruct.

The 'Olmert regime' together with a great many (ahem) 'Israelis' who support that despotism, must--if there is anything to the meaning of truth and morality (I'm convinced there is)--they must, I say, be ripe to "drink the dregs" of their own confusion and rebellion.


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