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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Olmert stalling for time on Winograd report

With many political pundits predicting that Prime Minister Ehud K. Olmert will be forced out of office shortly after the release of the Winograd Commission's final report, Olmert has an interest in putting off the report's release for as long as possible. Enter Olmert, the slick city lawyer.

Olmert is now asking to appear before the committee again and to cross-examine witnesses. It goes without saying that if these requests are granted, the commission's deliberations will be extended for months. Olmert has also enlisted his old friend, former 'defense' minister Amir Comrade Peretz to make the same request.

And the Chief Military Defense Council of the IDF appeared before the Supreme Court today, asking the court to order the Winograd Commission to issue warning letters to any officers likely to be damaged by the report so that - you guessed it - they can review the committee's evidence and cross-examine witnesses.

The longer the committee deliberations go on, the longer Olmert has a chance to hold onto his seat. And the more likely it becomes that Olmert is still in charge when the next war comes.


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