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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Israel dumbs down its airline security - Part II

Last night, I told you that Israel was changing its color-coded security tags so that Jews and Arabs will have the same color tags and the Arabs will not feel that the airport is discriminating against them. This morning, the airport is going further to make the Arabs feel at home. Now, instead of profiling, we're going to use.... palm reading.

Officials in the Israeli Airport Authority are prepared to 'modernize' the security process at Ben Gurion airport by employing a new 'cutting-edge' computerized security check system.
The high-tech system will involve a scanner which will be connected to a national database. Tourists will have their passports and their hands scanned in order to verify their identity.

According to airport officials, the system is designed to prevent friction which occurs between security handlers and Arab tourists, as well as to prevent discrimination between Jews and Arabs.

"Our goal is to continue the process which the [Airport] Authority has focused on for many years," an airport official said. "We want to speed up [the security checks], and to implement technology that will utilize security check methods and technological equipment which are among the best in the world."
No high tech system does palm-reading like the ladies at a seance. Obviously, for the system to recognize someone, it will have to identify him as having been previously arrested, or the airport security would have to have some other reason to suspect him of terrorist activity. How many suicide terrorists do you know who have carried out more than one terrorist act?


At 8:29 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

Good I hope tourism to kapostan drops.

At 11:56 AM, Blogger ziontruth said...

It was Walid Shoebat, Arab former Muslim terrorist turned Christian ally, who said the biggest problem with the Jews is their inordinate yearning for the praise of the world, taking suicidal steps in the process.

The world ("Dear World...") has made it very clear: it demands nothing less than a de-Judaized "Israstine", and as long as we still haven't come to that, we'll always be called a "racist, apartheid state", no matter how many Arab science ministers we appoint and how many security measures we drop.

Hey Daniel,

How about some ahavat Yisrael? I abhor this Jewicidal government as much any other wakeful Jew, but to wish for the dhimmi Jews to die, or for tourism to Israel to decrease, or to call it "kapostan", is beyond the pale. It's no better than the Neturei Karta hating the state of Israel so much that they side with its enemies.

I hope this government is toppled down and replaced with a Torah-believing one. So that all Jews may live.


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