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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Iranian newspaper: Veils are sex toys and Jews practice incest

A conservative Iranian government-controlled Persian newspaper called Resalat reports today that veils are used for sexual arousal and that Jews practice incest.
“Veil, for Enhancing the Sexual Passion or for Suppressing it?” is the title of an article published in Resalat, a far-right state-run newspaper. The author, Seiied Reza Alavi ( سيد رضا علوي) writes, “Jewish culture is one of the sexiest in the world, in which sexual relationship between father and daughter, son and mother, and brother and sister are tolerated and considered acceptable“. He continues, “In Islam, veil is to preserve sexual passion and to arouse sexual thoughts."
Two quick comments. First, the Talmud actually forbids having relations with clothes on with the comment that it's "how the Persians do it." Hmmm.

Second, a lot of people would probably consider Jewish culture "one of the sexiest in the world," but it's not because of incestuous relationships. It's because (Orthodox) Jews actually abstain from relations (and from any physical contact for that matter) for at least five days while a woman is menstruating and then for seven 'clean' days afterwards. Then the woman goes for a dunk in a mikvah (ritualarium) and goes home and has relations with her husband. So long as the woman isn't pregnant, nursing or menopausal, this system all but guarantees a passionate love-making session once a month.

We Jews have everything figured out, don't we?

Read the whole thing.


At 2:29 AM, Blogger nachtwache said...

I guess no need for the headache excuse. :)
I read about this article on Kamangir's blog. There are some sick people in this world.


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