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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hizb Ut Tahrir holds conference in Ramallah

Hizb Ut Tahrir, a Pan-Islamic political party whose goal is to unite all Muslim countries in a unitary Islamic state or caliphate, ruled by Islamic law and headed by an elected head of state (caliph), held a conference today in Ramallah that was attended by 'tens of thousands.' The conference was entitled: Caliphate - The Incoming Force.
The conference delegates stressed the importance of supporting Islam and the creation of a caliphate state; an Islamic form of government representing political unity and leadership in the Muslim world.

The movement said that a caliphate state is the only way to liberate Muslims from racism and degrading policies, and Palestinians from occupation.

Emir of the party, Ata Bin Khalil Abu Aleresheth, said this is the first conference of its kind in the Palestinian territories.

The proposal for the composition of the caliphate includes thirteen departments, for example; a military, a judiciary, media and foreign affairs.

Two lectures were held at the conference, the first under the title 'caliphate as Muslim rescuer' and the second 'the media and the issue of caliphate'.

A speech was made during the first lecture which detailed the suffering of Muslims all over the world. The speech addressed; struggles, security, economy and honor.

The second talk stated that a caliphate is vital to Muslim nationhood. The speaker said that the Muslim media should make a caliphate their first priority.
Wikipedia reports that Hizb Ut Tahrir
is strongly anti-Zionist and calls for "the dismantling of the illegal entity of Israel," whose leadership "has never concealed its hatred of Muslims and have been calling for the destruction of Muslims since the very beginning."
It's very active in the West, particularly in England.

Note that I have just given you the 'Palestinian' coverage. The JPost calls it a 'rally' and says that it denounced the PA (among other things).


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