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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hamas' home away from home

Britain has become the home away from home for Hamas and other 'Palestinian' terror organizations according to a report issued yesterday by the Israel Intelligence Heritage and Commemoration Center. This was apparently tolerated by the Blair government and continues now that Tony Blair has gone to become the quartet's representative for the peace piece by piece process. One would think that after the 7/7 attacks and the recent spectacular failure to attack in Glasgow that the British government would have learned something. One would be wrong.
The IICC report asserts that Hamas's use of Britain as a major source of publishing and distribution of incitement is “hardly coincidental.” On the contrary, “there are several factors at play: first, the policy of the British government, allowing Hamas (and radical Islamic elements in general) a relative freedom of action on British territory, particularly in the sphere of propaganda; second, the existence of a network of Arab/Muslim supporters in Britain; third, the technical ability to produce high quality publications in Britain and distribute them across the globe.”
One cannot help but wonder what it will take for the British government to consider shutting down radical Islam.

Read the whole thing.


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