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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Gaza's exports

You might think that the Gazan economy is so miserable that it has no exports of which to speak. You would be wrong. Gaza actually has lots of exports. Unfortunately, they have a negative commercial value both to the people who export them and to the people who are forced to import them.

I could say that Gaza exports terror and that would be true, but it wouldn't really describe the physical export since - thank God - there is a 'security fence' between Israel and Gaza. So to be more graphic, Gaza exports twisted, jagged metal in the form of Kassam rockets. I've posted one picture of the collection of Kassam rockets that has hit the Israeli town of Sderot over the last seven years in the top left corner of this post. Jim at Gateway Pundit visited Sderot last week as part of a bloggers' tour of Israel, and he has more pictures of twisted metal and the full story here.


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