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Friday, August 03, 2007

Fatah terrorists handed in World War I vintage weapons

Last night, I reported that the 'immunity' from being sought by the IDF for 178 senior Fatah terrorists was about to unravel over the Israeli government's refusal to extend it to another 206 terrorists, over the 'Palestinian Authority's unwillingness/inability to pay more for the weapons turned in, and over the outright refusal of some of those being granted immunity to turn over their weapons.

It also turns out that many of those who did turn over their weapons turned over World War I vintage rifles (pictured at top left) that were left here by the Turks when the British expelled them at the end of World War I. None of the terrorists surrendered even one of their personal weapons (and recall that only one weapon per terrorist was required to be collected in the first place).
It has come to light, according to our military sources, that the weapons handed in two weeks ago by 168 Fatah-al Aqsa Brigade terrorists in return for immunity from Israel military pursuit were World War I vintage Italian carbines left behind by Turkish troops when they quit the country in 1917 and Mauser rifles from the 1930s. None of the terrorists surrendered their personal side-arms according to their pledge.

The furious demand from Israeli commanders that the government tell the public how it was conned was turned down by prime minister Ehud Olmert and defense minister Ehud Barak. They were deaf to the arguments that the amnestied Palestinian terrorists remain fully armed and able to resume attacks at any time and that Palestinian leaders, who refuse to admit to the fraud, have nothing but contempt for their agreements with Israel.
We're better off with this deal 'unraveling.'

Maybe they thought we wanted to start a military museum?


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