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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ehud Barak wants to make us all Sderot

Ehud Barak Barach announced this morning that Israel has to speed up the development of technological defenses against rocket fire on the home front, as he considers this a precondition for any significant withdrawal from the 'West Bank'.

It should be obvious to anyone who reads this blog regularly that a 'significant withdrawal' from the 'West Bank' (and I am assuming that either Barak wants to flee Judea and Samaria unilaterally like he fled southern Lebanon, or that he does not trust our 'peace partners' not to turn such a 'withdrawal' into yet another phase in driving Israel into the sea) would mean exposing all of our major cities and Ben Gurion international airport to missile fire. For those who have forgotten, a picture - in this case of the Israel Electric Company power plant between Hadera and Caesaria as taken from Homesh in Samaria - says a thousand words.

But let's not let a fear of missiles prevent Israel from giving all of our strategic high ground away to 'Palestinian' terrorists - especially when the alternative is to let the 'Jews' have what the 'Israelis' don't want. Instead, Barak wants to "first develop and deploy an effective anti-missile system - a process that is expected to take three to five years." I'm sure the 'Palestinians' will just be pleased as punch to wait. Just like in Sderot.


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