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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Egypt asked to investigate murders

Human Rights Watch has called on Egypt to investigate the murder by Egyptian border guards of three Sudanese nationals who were trying to cross into Israel last week.
Egyptian authorities should immediately investigate, with a view to prosecution, allegations that Egyptian border guards killed three Sudanese nationals trying to cross the Egypt-Israeli border, Human Rights Watch said today in a letter to the Egyptian Minister of Interior. Israeli border guards report witnessing Egyptian border guards beating and shooting the migrants.

… “The reported brutality of these killings is all the more shocking as it comes at a time when Egypt and Israel are discussing the issue of asylum seekers crossing into Israel,” said Bill Frelick, refugee policy director for Human Rights Watch.
I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the Egyptians to conduct a serious investigation, let alone actually do something about it.

What I find curious here is that if you go back to the account of this story that I ran last week, you will find that there were four Sudanese murdered, not three. I wonder which one they're not counting.

I also wonder whether they'll be interested enough to ask to see the IDF's tape of the incident. I doubt it.


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