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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Debate between Egyptian liberal and Islamist

I think this is the best Al-Jazeera video I have ever seen.

Egyptian liberal Sayid al-Qimni and London Islamist Hani al-Sibai debate secularism and fundamentalism in the Arab World on the popular al-Jazeera debate program, The Opposite Direction.

I'm amazed that al-Qimni is still walking around free. In this video he tore Arab society to shreds, arguing that it doesn't know what democracy means, that its universities are ranked "below 3000," and that there is no freedom in the Arab world where women walk around in 'uniforms' (referring of course to the hijab and the niqab).

Al-Sibai, on the other hand, comes up with the laughable proposition that the west looks down on Turkey, because it eats turkeys for Christmas! That's right, al-Sibai claims that your Christmas dinner consists of Turkish men.

A video not to be missed:


At 7:21 PM, Blogger iraqihere said...

Thanks for posting this video, Islamists are filth to the society, and they keep saying the same lies on and on, they think by out-louding everybody and repeating they will win. In fact there is an Arabic proverb saying "take them loudly, you win [the arguement]" خذوهم بالصوت تغلبوهم .

Another problem, if you look back history in beginning of 20th century, you notice there were more people aware of uselessness of Islamism as politics, because those people at that time tasted how badly is the Islamic rule. However, as the liberal guy pointed out, these people never tried real democracy but rather went to Arab nationalism dictatorship, and now back to Islamism again. it is a cursed cycle.

I like your blog, keep it up, I think I might move to blogger that's why I m bit slowing down with blogging, just I think it is better to avoid future problems with apologists and their friends the jihadists.


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