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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wonkette threatens to sue Yisrael

When the fighting gets tough, the leftists threaten to sue.

On Sunday night, I linked to a post by my friend Yisrael where he picked up on a post by lefty blogger Wonkette in which a couple of anti-Semitic slurs were used. The post has since been picked up or linked by Dr. Rusty, Charles Johnson (who points out that this isn't the first time Wonkette has gone over the line with anti-Semitism) and Pajamas Media, among others. I also cross-posted it on Maverick News Media.

Last night, Ken Layne of Wonkette threatened to 'send it to his lawyers' if Yisrael didn't publicly apologize for not reading their blog so that he would understand the 'context.' Yisrael is refusing to back down:
I don't think I'll apologize. I think Wonkette needs to. I think that the "public square" can tolerate a lot: foul language, innuendos, etc. I don't think a responsible blog need repeat what I would consider an antisemitic reference. The way it appears on your site, there is no reference to the YouTube clip. Only if you click on 'more', is it revealed. That is an error, I think, on your part. Anyone reading the post as it appears sees something any normal, and I stress normal, person would assume to be a sliding pattern into a slur based on religion, especially that reference to the Jew York Times.
The rest of us sure saw it that way. Good for Yisrael!

I wonder if Wonkette would so carelessly insult Muslims..... The answer is obvious - no.


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