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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Where I've been and Haveil Havalim

I guess some of you might be wondering why I suddenly disappeared without warning. One of the main reasons I came to Boston now was to accompany my Dad on a doctor's appointment. The appointment was yesterday. I walked out of the office at 11:15, thinking I'd be back by 1:30. I got back at 4:15 (by the grace of God with help from the MBTA). So I did not have a chance to post again before the Sabbath started here.

I am still in Boston for another several hours. In the meantime, Life in Israel has already posted Haveil Havalim for this week. Among other stories, you can check out the opening of the Israel Baseball League (one of the stories I missed this week) and many, many great links. Yeah, he linked some of my stories too....


At 10:29 AM, Blogger Rafi G. said...

thanks for the link and promo


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