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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Was that interview with the 'lovely' Saraa?

In a rather interesting post on trying to quantify the value of a life in the Gaza Strip (note the debate in Israel over 'targeted assassinations), Dion Nissenbaum mentions this interesting little tidbit:
This afternoon, while we were interviewing an 11-year-old cast member on a Hamas television show, a deafening blast shook the building. Knowing that Israel had targeted the Hezbollah television station in Beirut during last summer's war, I wondered if the Israeli military was now targeting its Hamas counterpart.

We joined the girl and the rest of the staff in rushing out of the building to find out what happened.
Something tells me that "the girl" is Saraa, the hostess of "Tomorrow's Pioneers" pictured in the yellow burkha in this scene with Farfour the 'martyred' mouse. My comment on the site which asks if it is Saraa has thus far gone unanswered. But if I'm right, it could be interesting to hear whether the child realizes she is being used by Hamas to promote suicide.


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