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Monday, July 02, 2007

There's no shame in Mecca either (Saudi hypocrisy watch)

Elder of Ziyon reports on an article in the Arab News that makes it quite clear that 'marriages of convenience' are being made in Mecca - a city from which non-Muslims are barred.
...On her way out the woman said, “There is another type of marriage, which is much cheaper… But you will only be able to meet your wife for an hour each day. You’ll have to fix the time with her. You’re not allowed to ask her where she lives or where she goes.”

Intrigued, I continued listening. “This type of marriage will cost you only SR5,000 and SR1,000 each month for her expenses,” she added. I agreed to the offer and agreed to meet her the next day. The next day the woman arrived, accompanied by the bride — called Reem — and a man, who claimed to be a ma’zun. The woman asked me to come to her home but I suggested doing the marriage in a public place. They agreed and the marriage contract was written.

Surprisingly, the ma’zun did not even ask for my ID. He simply registered my name (Khalid) and wrote out a marriage contract. He asked us if we agreed to the marriage and congratulated us.

The man then asked if I have any conditions. “Faithfulness is the most important thing to me,” I replied innocently. They smiled at each other, and at my naivete.

He then asked the woman if she had any conditions. “I live with my family and I cannot spend the night outside. So we can meet at my friend’s apartment and do what we want to do there, without informing my family,” she said. I agreed.

The ma’zun then asked me for the dowry. I told him I did not have the money with me at the time and that I would bring the money next week. I then drove the group to the Al-Mansour District. I promised to meet them the next day, but I didn’t bother turning up, I had seen enough.
This is what is going on in a country in which girls are allowed to burn to death rather than allow them on the streets dressed 'immodestly.' Read the whole thing.


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