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Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Saudi plan looking for a sponsor

'Our friends the Saudis' have withdrawn their support for the so-called 'Saudi plan,' ostensibly out of fear of attacks by Iran or al-Qaeda. Under the 'Saudi plan' the Arab states were to recognize Israel's 'right to exist' existence in return for Israel's full withdrawal to the June 4, 1967 borders and permitting 'Palestinian refugees' to resettle in Israel and destroy the Jewish state from within. Obviously, I do not consider the 'Saudi plan' a great loss, but the withdrawal of Saudi sponsorship from even a bare recognition of Israel's 'right to exist' ought to prove - if anyone still needs it proven - that the dispute between Israel and the Arab world is not over borders but over the very existence of a Jewish state in this region.
Saudi Arabia has dropped its support for a land-for-peace deal between Israel and the Arab world over fears of al-Qaeda attacks, an Israeli official said Saturday.

"We estimate the Saudis got cold feet over suspicions of Iran and fears ofterror attacks sponsored by Iran and al-Qaeda," the official said.

"According to our information, the royal palace was frightened, withdrew from the peace initiative and threw the political ball in the court of Jordanian King Abdullah," the official stated.
Now there's a good laugh. The rump king of the desert whose country is 70% 'Palestinian' is going to negotiate with Israel over creating a 'Palestinian' state reichlet.
When Bush announced plans to hold the conference in his speech about the Middle East last week, Saudi Arabia failed to announce whether it would attend the regional meeting. Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and President Mahmoud Abbas said they would be sending delegates to the conference.

Saudi Arabia said it was sticking to the Riyadh agreement between Fatah and Hamas and urged the rival Palestinian factions to form a national unity government.

The official added that Saudi Arabia feared isolating Hamas would push the Islamic group to throw itself into Iran's arms and exacerbate Tehran's financial support to radical Palestinian groups.

Saudi Arabia's stance set alarms ringing in Amman and prompted the Jordanian monarch to seek an emergency meeting with President Bush. The two leaders will meet in Washington on Tuesday. [He wants to make sure that the US will defend his 'kingdom' by making sure that the 'Palestinians' stay west of the Jordan River. CiJ]

Egyptian officials revealed last week that the American-sponsored conference on the Middle East would take place in September at an undisclosed location in the United States. Arab foreign ministers will with their Israeli and American counterparts in Egypt on August 31 to prepare for the conference.
Someone remind me again which Arab country is going to compromise with us about anything....


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