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Monday, July 30, 2007

Orwellian doublespeak from the 'Palestinians'

Shortly after the Oslo declaration of principles was signed in 1993, PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat made one of his many jihad-promoting speeches which the delusional foreign minister (now President) Shimon Peres promptly reinterpreted as a call for a 'jihad for peace.'

The 'Palestinians' learned their lessons well from Peres. After his life was threatened by fellow 'Palestinians' because Fatah's platform allegedly omits the word mukawama or 'armed struggle,' 'moderate' 'Palestinian' Prime Minister Salam Fayyad today backtracked. In true Orwellian style, Fayyad called for 'resistance' that was not 'armed struggle.' Kind of like a 'jihad for peace.'
Palestinians have a legitimate right to resist the Israeli "occupation", even if the term "resistance" does not appear in the new Palestinian Authority platform, PA Prime Minister Salaam Fayad said during a press conference in Cairo on Monday.

Fayad, who is representing the Palestinian Authority during an Arab League conference in Egypt, explained that the term "resistance" was excluded from the platform because it was too often associated with "armed struggle."

"What is the essence of resistance, especially in light of the current occupation?" Fayad asked. "Does it not begin with all possible efforts to strengthen the permanence of the Palestinian citizens on their land? That is precisely the government's agenda."
As if the 'Palestinians' have ever resisted in a way that was not violent.... But just give them a state reichlet and they will learn to resist non-violently.


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