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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Olmert plans to lose?

The London-based Arabic daily al-Hayat is reporting this morning that Prime Minister Ehud K. Olmert and 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen are holding 'secret' talks on the big three 'final status' issues: borders, Jerusalem and 'refugees.'
The newspaper also reported that the two discussed the issue during their recent meeting in Jerusalem and decided that there was a need for deep discussions on the more "burning issues."

The source reportedly said that the talks were focusing on the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, the Palestinian refugee issue, West Bank settlements and the future of Jerusalem.

"There were talks on these issues but as yet there has been no breakthrough on any of them," the source was quoted as saying.

However, the Prime Minister's Office was unaware of the report, a PMO spokeswoman told The Jerusalem Post.
Combining that report with Olmert's release of terrorists, granting immunity to terrorists, inviting the Jordanian army into Judea and Samaria and recognizing the 'right of return' all lead me to believe that Emmanuel Winston may be on to something:
It takes careful planning to lose a war in order to achieve your goals. That "planning" seems to be currently in formation for Israel by many interests, both in and out of Israel. Those in power have longed for the opportunity to fulfill years of thwarted yearning to transfer the Land G-d gave to the Jews over to the Muslim Arabs.

For the conspirators, they assume certain benefits, which justify inevitable losses.

The losses would be soldiers and civilians killed or maimed in the arranged transfer of the Land. They would be acceptable as expendable losses, particularly if they were religious settlers. The conspirators have demonstrated a consistent open doctrine of making Israel wholly secular on the theory that an un-Jewish State would be less offensive to the Arab Islamists.

The benefits for the conspirators? They think they will be liked by the world if they de-Judaize their Jewish State.


The "problem" for these conspirators is that there are currently 250,000 residents in Judea and Samaria alone - plus 250,000 million Jews in that part of Jerusalem occupied and desecrated by Jordan from 1948 to 1967. Don't forget the several million supporters who live in the whole of Israel and may not wish to trust the plotters, the Muslim Arabs nor the so-called Quartet.

So what are the plotters to do?

How about starting a war designed to be lost -- such as last summer 2006 when Hezb'Allah launching 4000 of its 15,000 Katyusha Missiles into the civilian communities of Northern Israel including as far as Haifa and Safed -- from the Hezb'Allah bunkers carved under Southern Lebanon?

So, what methods would the plotters select to advance their scheme to transfer the Land?

How about cutting Israel's military budget severely, as has already been done?

How about cutting the IDF's combat training and only train Israeli soldiers to war against the Jewish population in those areas to be made "Judenrein" (Jew-free) and transferred to the Muslim Arabs, as has already been done?

How about appointing some officers to the IDF who are PC (Politically Correct) and make them Generals like Avram Mitzna or Ehud Barak or Yitzhak Rabin in their time ... Leftist officers committed to the Leftist doctrine of re-partitioning the Jewish Land to benefit the Muslim Arab Palestinian "Jihadists"?

How about following then Prime Minister Ehud Barak's call to abandon the Golan Heights because, as he said, Syria could mount an attack and kill Israeli soldiers and civilians living on the Golan?


Then let us recall the year 2000 when Prime Minister Barak ordered the IDF to run away from the South Lebanon Security Belt, in the middle of the night, leaving behind valiant Allies and valuable equipment to fall into the hands of the Hezb'Allah. This small man has always been frustrated in his desire to abandon as much of the Land of Israel as possible. He is now the leading member of the Labor Party again and Olmert has made him Minister of Defense to replace the inept Amir Peretz. He has perfect positioning to deliberately use mismanagement to throw the next War (expected this summer by most military experts).

The Arabist U.S. State Department now has four perfect collaborators in Olmert, Peres and Barak - and, of course, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni who is scheduled to replace Olmert. All four are dedicated to re-partitioning the Jewish State of Israel and de-Judaizing her.
Read the whole thing. While it borders on conspiracy theory, unfortunately a lot of it is all too plausible (as you will see if you follow the links I inserted above).


At 3:03 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

For clarity, the "right of return" Olmert is recognizing, is really a "right of immigration" since the Iraqis being allowed in never lived in Israel or the disputed territories and so can hardly be said to be "returning," that's why this move is so insane, as it expresses openness to the idea of entitlement of millions of grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren who've never lived in the land but only descended from those who left when Israel defended itself against the Arab agressors. This is a serious policy departure.

At 3:51 AM, Blogger LittleGoyBlue said...

If you believe Zechariah, Ezekial, Isaiah, and the other Hebrew prophets, you are already the biggest conspiracy theorist in the world. And what is the greatest prize in the world? Jerusalem, the Temple Mount. To discount the cosmic conspiracy against G-d, Torah, the Land of Israel, the Jew, and His Moshiach is utter foolishness. All the goyim are being sucked toward Jerusalem, and Israel's enemies within (e.g., Judaism-hating Jews, the US government, etc.) are more vicious and dangerous than the enemies without.


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