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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A new danger to Hamastan: Escaped prisoners collaborators

The 'Palestinian' Ma'an news agency reports that 840 'prisoners' have escaped from the Gaza Central Prison. 40 have turned themselves in and an additional 130 have been recaptured. These are really dangerous people folks. Some of them are - YIPES! - collaborators with Israel!! (The picture at top is of a previous execution of a 'collaborator'):
The recent internecine fighting in the strip provided the opportunity for the prisoners to escape. Many of the escaped convicts are considered to be a danger to society and were sentenced for serious crimes.

General Tawfiq Jabr, who was appointed by the deposed government in the Gaza Strip as head of the higher police council, told Ma'an that there are concerted efforts to reimprison the escapees. He added that of the 840 that fled jail, many had been sentenced to the death penalty.


Spokesperson of Hamas' Executive Force, Islam Shahwah, said "the prisoners were allowed to escape, prior to Hamas seizing control of the strip the prison gates were opened for them to leave."

With regards to EF's efforts to retrieve the prisoners, Shahwah said, "The EF is a security force and will try to do its duty to return them to jail."

Shahwah revealed that Gaza central prison held many dangerous detainees, including collaborators with Israel, murderers and drug dealers. "They pose a danger to society," he said. [Note that 'collaborators with Israel' are more dangerous than murderers and drug dealers. CiJ]

Shahwah clarified that the efforts to return the prisoners to jail is being made by the EF and the Palestinian police force.

Many Palestinians are also pursuing the prisoners, which have committed crimes against them, in order to wreak revenge on their enemies.

Some expect the prisoners to flee to Israel.
But give them a state reichlet and they'll forget the 'collaborators' and pursue the Jews instead.


At 10:55 PM, Blogger Yishai said...

Wow. That sure puts into perspective the FRONT PAGE story in the WSJ today which was lauding the new Hamas Gaza saying that while Hamas can't provide water, food, or medicine, at least they are providing order (lawless order, but order). The author goes on the praise the jails and the attempt to increase 'justice'. Nowhere in the article do these numbers arise.

link (subs. req'd):


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