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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Making a list, checking it twice....

The Prisons Authority has posted to its web site the list of 256 'Palestinian' terrorists who will be released from custody on Friday. At the moment I am having trouble getting to the list itself, but here's what they say about it:

On July 17 2007, the Ministerial Committee appointed on July 8 2007 by the Government of Israel decided to reduce the sentence of 256 Palestinian prisoners whose names appear on the attached list.

The Government's decision was reached following the meeting of the Coordinating Committee, headed by the Director-General of the Ministry of Justice which included representatives of all the relevant authorities connected with the matter (General Security Service , Israel Defense Force , Israel Prison Service and Ministry of Justice ) who examined the suitability of the Palestinian Prisoners to the criteria fixed by Government Decision No. 606 dating from 27 July 2003 and after the Committee Dealing with the Release of the Palestinian prisoners confirmed the lists individually .

In accordance with the decision of the Government, the list doesn't include prisoners with "blood on their hands ". 61 prisoners have served more than two thirds of their sentence, 93 prisoners have served over a half but less than two thirds of their sentence and 102 prisoners have served over a third but less than half of their sentence.

It should be noted that the decision in respect to the prisoners release was conditional to the agreement of the relevant authorities and after considering any objections that were raised.

For Inquires or further information please contact the Department of Pardons at the Ministry of Justice – Tel : 02-6466801/2/3/4/ between 08:30-16:00
As I noted last night, Olmert has redefined the term "blood on their hands." Note also that most of these 'people' aren't even close to the last year of their sentence as we were told they would be.

I can't wait to see the list....

Update 4:33 PM

I got the list. It's in no particular order, and many of these Arabs have 4-5 names. It's an Excel spread sheet in Hebrew (and I got to it from the English side). I assume we will start hearing soon about some of the names on it.


At 5:23 PM, Blogger Sergio Geralnik said...

Carl, just took a look at the list. Among other things the list contains prisoners who shot at Jews (but -sarcasm- they didn't kill them, maybe just wounded -/sarcasm-), prisoners who placed bombs and people who threw molotov cocktails, and people who produced explosives. I think if the government is going to release them, they should have to move in with the Prime Minister for a week so he can see the type of people he's setting free.


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