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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Join the IDF, get punished for asking a question

Israel's President, Slimy Shimon Peres, visited the IDF induction center at Tel HaShomer this morning, where he was confronted by a religious Zionist recruit from Bnei Brak:
During the course of the visit, Peres approached a group of fresh recruits. A young man from B’nei Brak, who said he was a religious-Zionist, asked Peres if he did not feel pangs of conscience due to the results of the Disengagement from Gaza.

Peres did not respond. It is unclear whether the soldier will be punished.
The soldier shouldn't be punished. He should be given a medal and a promotion for having a brain in his head. Keep an eye on this story. It could become a cause for the Israeli blogosphere.


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