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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Islamic rewriting of history on the Temple Mount

At Kesher Talk, Judith observes Tisha b'Av by recounting some of the destruction of Jewish artifacts on the Temple Mount that was carried out by Arabs over the past year:
Islam has a long history of erasing sacred artifacts of subject religions (like the Bamiyan Buddhas), or transforming them into Muslim ones (for example, the Hagia Sophia). (The current violence against holy sites is a component of a larger effort to overwrite Jewish history with a Palestinian "narrative" (the Palestinians being the stalking horse for Islamist supremacy), being played out in the halls of academe as well as archeological sites, the most recent example being the tenure controversy over Nadia Abu El Haj.)

I understand why Muslim religious authorities would treat Judaism as a subject religion, but why do Jews respond as dhimmis in their own homeland? It's not like we aren't going to be vilified anyway.

Below is a good summary of the Temple Mount situation described more fully here.
Read the whole thing and watch the videos (two of them were already shown on my site but the others should be new to you).


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