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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In Iran, the computer games are nuclear

Kamangir, an Iranian living in Canada, reports that Iran has released a new computer game based on nuclear warfare. The game is called Special Operation 85:

Here's a summary of the game from an earlier post by Kamangir:
The game includes eight stages and the main character enters different countries in different stages. This 3D game is about Dr Saeed Koosha and his wife, Mariam. They are both Iranian nuclear scientists who are arrested by American soldiers during their trip to Karbala, Iraq, and are transferred to an unknown location. Bahman Naseri, an intelligence commander, starts a mission to rescue the scientists. [I should have known there was an innocent reason why Iranian 'troops' are in Iraq. CiJ] He is at the same time following the case of Shapoor Farmanfarma who is an Iranian-Israeli working for the Iranian Atomic Agency, using fake documents. Bahman soon realizes that Shapoor has tipped the Americans off about the couple. Shapoor has also been helping Americans towards an attack on Iran, commanded by Jackson. Bahman arrests Jackson. Then, he goes to Iraq to save Iraqis and defuse bombs and finally save the couple. [Yes, of course, the evil Israeli is helping the evil Americans work against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Why did I ever think the plot would be different? CiJ]

This computer game can help students make better use of their extra time and will be sold for a lower price than other similar products.
Here's a scene from the game:

I'm sure this will be available in your local Toys 'R Us for Christmas Id el-Fitr.

In all seriousness though, the fact that western computer games are either about using your imagination or building cities and the like, while Iranian computer games are about destroying people speaks volumes. I wonder if the 12th Imam makes an appearance at the end.


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