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Monday, July 23, 2007

An idea whose time has come

At Contentions, Max Boot refers to Syria as 'low-hanging fruit' as compared with Iran, and urges the United States to take action against it:
At a minimum, we should give our special operators the freedom to strike across the Syria-Iran border, if they think that will help stop the “ratlines” over which an estimated 50 to 80 jihadis a month are entering Iraq. (I’ve talked to some of our commandos who have told me they would be eager to get just such authority, but they have been blocked not only by cautious politicos in Washington, but also by cautious generals at Central Command.)

If that doesn’t work, there are various stronger steps that could be taken. One possible idea: Hold Damascus International Airport—the entry point into Iraq for countless Arab radicals from countries such as Saudi Arabia and Algeria—hostage. We could announce that we will use our airpower to shut down the entire facility, Syria’s only international airport, until Bashar Assad cuts off the influx of terrorists into Iraq. This would be a relatively low-risk option from the American viewpoint, but it would impose considerable pain on Syria.
I like the airport idea. If anything, Israel may be in a better position to do it than the United States. If the US were to try to do this, they would have to worry about Nancy Pelosi and her friends taking a return trip to visit the Chinless Ophthalmologist. But if Israel does it, the only Israelis Bashar would let in anyway are Arabs, which would neutralize most of our moonbat left. If Israel's Arab MK's want to visit Bashar in solidarity, which they have done in the past, I would let them go, but not let them come back.

Israel has more motivation to. Damascus Airport is the primary trans-shipment point for Iranian arms headed to Hezbullah terrorists in Lebanon.

How does this sound: Stop shipping arms to Hezbullah or we shut your airport down.


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