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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Herzog: Israel lucky war in Lebanon wasn't three years later

The testimony of current Welfare Minister and former Minister of Tourism Isaac Herzog to the Winograd Commission was released to the public today. Herzog said that if last summer's war had taken place three or four years later, Hezbullah might have had non-conventional weapons:
Herzog, who held the tourism portfolio during the war, began his testimony optimistically: "I constantly claim, as painful as the war was, that we were lucky that it started at the time it did and not several years from now."

Herzog added that "the war exposed our weaknesses and perhaps even brought about some amendments. The war may not have been a 'knock out' war, but it did bring about change and I am ready to justify its achievements."
Herzog also said something that ought to call into question the freedom with which foreign correspondents roam this country in war time:
Finally, Herzog said the media's quickness and accuracy worked into the hands of the enemy. "It was clear they had intelligence rooms dedicated to Israeli media, all they had to do [to improve their strikes] was to listen."
I know, I know. He blamed the Israeli media. But the Israeli media didn't have spies for Hezbullah on the ground here.


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