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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hebrew speakers wanted

YNet is reporting that Iran is looking for Hebrew speakers to work as translators, intelligence agents and as part of its propaganda machine against Israel. Not surprisingly, many 'Palestinians' and 'Israeli Arabs' are lining up to proffer their services:
The main source of Hebrew speakers is Palestinian students studying abroad or Palestinian terrorists sent for military training in Iran and Lebanon.

One of the most prominent centers for Hebrew studies is located at Iran's embassy in Beirut, where Hizbullah members learn Hebrew at the Islamic Culture and Education Center.

The embassy owns a vast library of Hebrew newspapers and books, including even children's' books. It was there that Hizbullah had trained, with the aid of Palestinians, a large group of fighters who were placed in charge of tapping Israeli communication systems, in a bid to collect intelligence on the "Zionist enemy" before and during the Second Lebanon War.

According to the Shin Bet, Israeli Arab students studying out of the country are an attractive target for Hizbullah, because it is easier for the organization to recruit and train them abroad.

Only recently a young Israeli Arab woman who was studying dentistry in Jordan was arrested at the Allenby Bridge border crossing on suspicion of collaborating with Hizbullah. The woman admitted in her investigation she was contacted by the group's agents in Amman and was offered to serve as its agent in Israel.
Iran is one of the few countries in this region outside of Israel that actually still has a Jewish community. I wonder how many Iranian Jews are permitted to study abroad.


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