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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hawatmeh hasn't arrived and already he wants to stay

Last night, Prime Minister Ehud K. Olmert agreed to admit 'Palestinian' terrorist Nayef Hawatmeh, the planner of the 1974 Maalot Massacre, to a 'Palestinian National Council' meeting in Ramallah on Wednesday. The Damascus-based Hawatmeh hasn't even arrived yet, and he's already decided he wants to stay. He also wants to bring his family along, which means that we would be stuck with his terror-suckling progeny once the old murdering geezer dies (God willing that should happen soon!).

And here are reactions to Hawatmeh's arrival from Israel's government of dhimmis:
Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilna'i said on Friday that Israel should allow Hawatmeh into Ramallah since this could help strengthen Abbas in face of the growing Hamas threat in the Gaza Strip.

Vilna'i said that since Hawatmeh wouldn't be entering Israel and would only be in the West Bank for a short time, Israel should allow him to visit.

"Even though he was a man who dealt in terror, under the current circumstances he appears to be someone who can assist in shifting the balance in favor of the moderate Palestinian front," Vilna'i said.

Environment Minister Gideon Ezra said he was in favor of letting the DFLP leader visit the West Bank. He said that Israel must help the PA "in every move against Hamas."

Construction and Housing Minister Ze'ev Boim, however, opposed Hawatmeh's possible arrival, saying that Israel had a "bloody score to settle with the man responsible for the slaughter in Ma'alot."

Israel Beiteinu's Strategic Affairs Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Saturday, according to Israel Radio, that Israel should let Hawatmeh enter so that he could then be arrested and tried for murder.
Of course that doesn't mean that Lieberman has to get his fat bottom out of his seat in the government and resign.

In Damascus, Sasa is wondering why the Israeli government believes that admitting Hawatmeh is going to help matters at all and warns against repeating past mistakes:
Although on face value it seems a strange decision by Olmert. The DFLP is considered to be a hardline member of the PLO. It exists on the extreme left of the PLO, and has very little support, inside or outside of Palestine.

Although, its politics are diameticrically opposed to those of Hamas.

So could this be Israel's attempt at creating a counterweight to Hamas, regardless of the consequences? Remember what happened when Israel wanted to created a counterweight to the PLO? It funded Hamas.
Yes, but that's history and as our new President tells us, history is just a long misunderstanding.


At 7:46 PM, Blogger What is "Occupation" said...

All "palestinians" (excuse me while i vomit) should be allowed the safe return to the west bank or gaza, no matter how many jews or gentiles they have slaughtered.

Israel should NOT stop any palio from leaving any other nation to live in palio controlled areas.

Now am i crazY? Well ok maybe...

BUT how about this?

Once these goons, retards, inbred mass murderers are LIVING in the west bank, NOT France, Iran or Syria, we NOW can KILL them quietly, and cause them harm!

I can see how on a quiet spring day 2012, Mr Hawatmeh is leaving the new McAllah's in his shiny new BMW, complete with wife and grandkids, eatting his halal mcFishy, complete with wrappers showing the juden-free area of "palio-world" when boom.... the car explodes!

who done it?

who knows...

who cares?

Jooz will be blamed! So What?

Cant reach the retard in Damascus or Paris? Patience, let the retards flock home in celebration...

Let's be quiet, let's use nanoprobes, let's never forget....

patience, come to my web oh maggot/fly....


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