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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Harry Potter, a 'Zionist plot'?

If no one in the world took this seriously it would be funny. But since there are about a billion and a half Muslims in the world who do take it seriously, it's kind of scary. Kamangir links to an article in Persian in the Iranian state-run, ultra-conservative newspaper Kayhan that claims that the issuance of the seventh and final installment of Harry Potter is a 'Zionist plot.'

One of the questionable events of this week was the sale of the last Harry Potter book in a bookstore in the north of Tehran [the wealthier part] at 2:30am, exactly in time with America and Europe. This happened in a society where there are strict rules for publication and distribution of any book. In this society, any book, either translated or authored, has to be carefully considered by a group of experts and foreign books have to be sold in very specific bookstores under strict control. Were all this considered in the sale of Harry Potter’s seventh volume? I doubt it, because until the books were presented to the crowd, no one had access to the contents of the book, except for the author and the publishing company.

The manager of the bookstore Bayan-e Salis (بيان سليس), which apparently represents Bloomsbury in Iran, has collected the books from the airport in sealed boxes. Surprisingly, the airport security has not searched the boxes and has trusted the American-British publisher which has Zionist collaborators, such as Warner Brothers.

The aims of the Zionist project, Harry Potter, has long been understood, even to the Western intellectuals and they have very frequently pointed out their suspicion about the book. Zionists have spent billions of dollars on this project.
Got to send this to the Sanity Squad to see if they can treat this paranoia.


At 10:19 AM, Blogger Mr Bagel said...

Kind of makes you want to send Mahmoud his own personal copy.

Shalom Mr Bagel


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