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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Four Jordanian murderers repatriated

Four convicted Jordanian murderers were repatriated to Jordan today to serve out their life sentences be released in eighteen months. The repatriation came after Israel's Supreme Court, sitting as a high court of justice, rejected several petitions that sought to prevent the government from handing over the four, who murdered Captain Yehuda Lifshitz and Sargent Pini Levy (pictured above) in two separate incidents in November 1990, on the grounds that the questions involved 'security and diplomatic' considerations.

For those of you who thought there was no such thing as an issue that was not justiciable in Israel, I apologize for leaving out the corollary of that rule. The corollary is that nothing is justiciable when the petition against a government action comes from the right. In other words, we have a double standard for 'justice' in Israel that is caused by our Supreme Court being dominated by leftists. Sad but true.

But this time, the government almost went too far, and that resulted in a rebuke from the current token observant Jew on the court, former attorney general Elyakim Rubinstein:
While voting with the other members of the panel, Justice Elyakim Rubinstein said he did not feel the court must always reject petitions against prisoner exchanges or releases and sharply criticized the state for not telling the court openly that the terrorists would likely be released after 18 months in a Jordanian prison.
I wonder why the State wanted to keep that fact out of the picture....


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