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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dahlan resigns

Fatah 'security chief' Mohammed Dahlan resigned today in a move that is viewed as accepting responsibility for Fatah's rout in Gaza by Hamas last month. Dahlan, who is abroad again, resigned ahead of the publication of a report by a government commission due out tomorrow that is expected to blame him for what happened. 'Palestinian' sources said that the commission asked Dahlan to resign.
The committee, appointed by Abbas, recommended Thursday that 60 members of the Palestinian security forces face trial for their poor performance in Gaza, an official in Abbas' office said.

"Because of my long absence and health problems, I hope that you accept the end of my mission as a national security adviser. I will always remain a loyal soldier behind you," Dahlan wrote to Abbas, according to the statement.


After the Hamas victory, Dahlan justified his men's poor performance by saying they were exhausted and destroyed following years of Israeli-Palestinian violence. But many Fatah loyalists said they felt betrayed by Dahlan, who was often abroad for medical treatment, for not personally leading the battle against Hamas.
It's only been a month since the Gaza rout. It's been more than a year since the second Lebanon war and the commission report isn't out yet (and will now be delayed further by a 'war crimes' inquiry) and the person most responsible for Israel's failure still hasn't resigned. It's been two years since Israel expelled all the Jews from Gaza and the commission to investigate that debacle hasn't even been appointed.

Someone please remind me which country is the democracy?


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