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Thursday, July 05, 2007

20 MP's urge British government to establish relations with Hamas

It was pretty easy to see this coming.

An article on the BBC's Arabic site indicates that twenty MP's have urged the British government to establish relations with Hamas following the release of kidnapped BBC reporter useful idiot Alan Johnston. Here's a translation:
Several British Parliament Members demanded to establish new relations with the islamic resistance movement Hamas, after it [Hamas] played a role in releasing BBC reporter, Alan Johnston, who was kidnapped by gunmen in Gaza strip.

20 of different political spectrum in the British Parliament signed a request to be discussed in the common house infere that the international support which Palestinian president Mahmood Abbass receives must not struggle the contacts with Hamas.
In other words, they want to back Hamas in addition to Fatah.

Contrary to the person who did the translation, I don't find this at all surprising. The EU has been looking for excuses to break the boycott against Hamas since it was instituted. This fits right in.


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