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Sunday, July 29, 2007

14-year old escapes kidnapping

A 14-year old boy from Sanhedria, a Jerusalem neighborhood near ours, escaped an attempted kidnapping by three Arab men today by jumping out of the car into which he had been forced. Most of the reports I have seen indicate that the boy jumped out at a red light before the car left the city. But this report from Maariv (link in Hebrew) indicates that he managed to jump out of the car at the Harel Bridge near Mevasseret Zion, which would be outside the city and most likely on the Jerusalem - Tel Aviv highway (which passes under the bridge, albeit on a steep incline. The boy then got another car to pull over, borrowed the driver's cell phone and called his mother.

We live with constant threats that the 'Palestinians' wish to kidnap Israelis - including civilians - and hold them for ransom or worse. Still, an incident like this, which is being taken seriously by the police (who are looking for a white Volkswagon into which the boy was forced) are rare.


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