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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The right lessons to draw from the Six Day War

Writing in the New York Daily News yesterday, Richard Chesnoff draws the right lessons from the Six Day War. (Hat Tip: Powerline)
If we are to be honest about the lessons learned, it's that many in the Mideast will never, ever stop until they can wipe Israel off the map - and therefore Israel must never succumb to naivete. Indeed, the core of Palestinians - then and now - reject the legitimacy of the Jewish state, seek its dismantlement and blame it for all Palestinian woes. What self-destruction!


Shortly after the fighting stopped in the summer of 1967, I interviewed Golda Meir and asked her to sum up the importance of Israel's victory. "The only way to understand," she said, "is to imagine what would have happened if we had lost the war."

I still shudder to think. Israel's foes are eager to make the past prologue - only this time, with a different victor.
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