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Sunday, June 10, 2007

The ISM - al-Qaeda connection

An article on Arutz Sheva's website is reporting this evening on a connection between the ISM and al-Qaeda.
Al-Hadi is an Iraqi and uses the nom de guerre "Abu Abdallah" (father of Abdallah) in a style usually used by Palestinian terrorists. Being Iraqi, Abu Abdullah is part of the Ba'ath party in Iraq, among the closest allies of the PLO and Hamas. However, Abu Abdullah was captured crossing into Iraq from Iran. Recent intelligence reports have remarked on how the Sunnis who make up Hamas in Gaza are now getting money, weapons and training from Iran's Shiiite-majority state to be used against Israel. For anyone claiming Al-Qaeda has nothing to do with Iraq or 9/11, the Iranian-Al-Qaeda connection is now obvious. But according to an interview I had with a former Iraqi national police sergeant who is now exiled in the United States, the Iraqi police were always hamstrung in arresting many Ba'athists who broke the law, even for murder or robbery, because they also clandestinely belonged to Al-Qaeda. According to the former Iraqi police officer, that included members of Iraq's national police as well.

The Pentagon has reported that Abu Abdullah was responsible for managing Al-Qaeda's affairs and possibly even focusing on operations outside Iraq against Western targets. Interrogated by US forces, he has now been credited with the first direct Al-Qaeda suicide attack on Israeli soil - an attack that the ISM was linked to. That attack, on Mike's Place in Tel Aviv, is now alleged to have been carried out on direct orders from Osama Bin-Laden, according to the information obtained from Abu Abdullah. Three Israelis were killed in the attack and sixty people were wounded.

Al-Hadi recruited the two British Muslims of Pakistani origin at the notoriously Wahhabist Finsbury Park Mosque in London. They entered the Holy Land through Jordan, using Ghandoni's Alternative Tourism as an excuse, and then proceeded directly to a meeting with ISM leaders just before their attack. Both terrorists were English-speaking and had EU passports.

Since the explosives used in London on 7/7 could be linked to the ISM through the Mike's Place bombing, the involvement of Al-Qaeda also infers how ISM quarters may have been the place where the terrorists picked up those explosives prior to the Tel Aviv attack, since the terrorists would have been unable to smuggle explosives in through Jordan prior to meeting "for tea" with ISM activists. Israeli intelligence reports showed the two killers only met with the ISM, an organization that has consistently called terrorist attacks "legitimate resistance." To this day, no one knows for certain who gave them their bomb or where they received instructions on their target for attack; however, it is clear they met with the ISM and now those same two terrorists are known to be linked inextricably to Al-Qaeda by way of Abu Abdullah.
Read the whole thing.

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