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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hamas threatens Israel

Today's London Telegraph has a threat against Israel from Nablus' deputy mayor, Hamas' Khalood al Masry:
"It is extremely dangerous to corner Hamas like this," Mrs Masry, 38, warned angrily amid the ruins of the Jathoor Centre. "The Israeli occupation is pressing Hamas from one side and Fatah is pressuring it from the other."

Hamas would not sit on the sidelines, she added, languishing in Israeli prisons or confined to Gaza while Mr Abbas pressed ahead with threatened early elections, or resumed peace negotiations with Israel. "The point is coming when Hamas will say, 'Enough'," she said.

Asked if that would mean a resumption of attacks against Israel, she said simply: "The situation will not, cannot, continue this way."
I would say this ought to give Israel pause in its support for Fatah, but I highly doubt that Israel's support for Fatah or lack thereof will influence Hamas' attacks one way or the other. But what it should make Israel reconsider is the talk about opening the checkpoints from Judea and Samaria into 'Israel proper,' something that was discussed before this morning's cabinet meeting.

Add to the Hamas threats Israeli intelligence that indicates that Hamas is also likely to try to attack from the Gaza Strip and assessments that war is possible this summer, and you have more than enough reasons to proceed with extreme caution in Judea and Samaria.


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