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Monday, June 18, 2007

Don't let 'Palestinians' enter from Gaza

With 300 'Palestinians' sitting at the Erez crossing trying to get into Israel, Israeli Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann turns out to be a leftist like the rest of them. Friedmann wants to let those 'Palestinians' who 'aren't dangerous' enter Israel - supposedly for free passage to Ramallah. I trust Friedmann will be ready to drive them himself and take all the risk to Israeli lives on himself and his leftist friends. Let them go to Egypt!

I'm not the only one saying this:
Manhigut Yehudit, the Likud Party's Jewish Leadership faction headed by Moshe Feiglin, disagrees sharply with Friedmann. "The Government of Israel, by allowing Fatah terrorists to enter the territory of the State of Israel, continues to play fast and loose with the lives of its citizens. Gaza must have one land-based departure point only - towards Egypt."

Similarly, Professors for a Strong Israel released this statement: "The drums of war between the Palestinian terror groups are barely silent, and the Kadima ministers are already making their foolish distinctions between good terrorists and bad ones, allowing passage to terrorists running from Gaza who in the future will act against us from Ramallah... They are more interested in the humanitarian needs of the enemy's civilians than those of the residents of Sderot."
When there is a true humanitarian case, Israel does not turn its back:
A drama took place at the Erez Crossing on Friday, when a known Palestinian Authority photographer attempted to pass into Israel. Hamas men pursued him, shooting at his taxi. The photographer then jumped from the taxi and began running towards the Israeli side of the crossing, where he was saved.
I have no doubts that despite the fact that he was saved by Israelis, this photgrapher will join 'Pallywood' in Ramallah.


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