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Sunday, May 20, 2007

What do 'Palestinian journalists' know that we don't?

HonestReporting's Media Backspin blog points out the very strange case of Abdel-Salam Abu Askar, the Gaza bureau chief for Abu Dhabi TV. It seems that Mr. Abu Askar - who is a 'Palestinian' - was 'kidnapped' over the weekend, and was released after several hours. His network colleagues blamed Hamas but Abu Askar is keeping mum:
"Those who abducted me are known but I do not wish to say who they are on air," Abdel-Salam Abu Askar told the television channel in a telephone interview after his release.


A colleague at the television's Gaza bureau, who gave his name as Nael, told Reuters earlier that an "Executive Force jeep dropped Askar off in the street". The Executive Force is a Hamas militia.

Nael said Abu Askar had called the office on his mobile telephone to report he had been stopped at a checkpoint set up by the Hamas militia which has been battling Fatah rivals this week.

A spokesman for Hamas denied involvement.
Media Backspin asks whether this might be connected to those holding BBC reporter Alan Johnston.

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