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Sunday, May 20, 2007

The wages of sin

I've noted a couple of times that the 'Palestinians' allegedly consider BBC reporter Alan Johnston, who was kidnapped more than two months ago, one of them. Apparently being 'one of them' isn't worth much if one is just a worthless kufr.

Internet Haganah is reporting on a poll on the 'Palestinian' al-Ommh website asking whether Johnston should be killed. And most of the 'Palestinians' who have bothered to vote think he should be killed.
In the discussion following the poll, comments ranged from "do the killing in coordination with al-Qaida in Iraq who have hostages of their own who need to die - the combined effect will be very good", to "mmmm, Roman [i.e. Crusader] blood is good!". One guy tried to argue that they needed a fatwa, and not just people's personal opinions - to no avail.

It is not known to us if the person who asked the question, or any of the respondents, is connected to the Jaish al-Islam in Gaza, though this is not unlikely.
But I'll bet if he comes out of this alive, Alan Johnston will go right back to writing the same pro-'Palestinian' drivel that he wrote before.


At 1:42 PM, Blogger Karridine said...

In fact, Johnson's enlightenment may come mere moments before his death.

Islamo-fascists work it that way.


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