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Monday, May 21, 2007

Sderot woman murdered in Kassam attack

About an hour ago, a Sderot woman was murdered in a Kassam attack. Sometime after 8:00, five Kassams were shot at Sderot. One of them hit a car and the debris critically wounded a 35-year old woman who has since died and a 20-year old man who is in 'moderate' condition with a knee injury. Twelve other people were taken to the hospital for 'light' injuries or shock.

I am now listening to the simulcast of Israel Television's nightly newscast on the radio. They are reporting that Hamas' 'military wing' is pushing to continue shooting rockets at Israel. The 'Palestinian' population wants to stop the shooting and Hamas' leadership wants time to re-arm. 63% of the 'Palestinians' in Gaza want to return to the cease fire. Israel Television is saying that the army is now going to attempt to wipe out Hamas' leadership. We heard rumors to that effect during the day today, but the determination to do that has now been redoubled. The Jerusalem Post reports:
During the cabinet meeting, Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz stressed the importance of striking at the Hamas leadership, claiming the tactic could eventually stop the Kassam attacks.

"We need to work in a way that is clear that they will pay a price for all Kassam attacks," Mofaz told The Jerusalem Post in an interview following the cabinet meeting. "The leadership needs to feel hunted and persecuted."
Israel's foreign minister, Tzipi Feigele Livni was in Sderot at the time awaiting a meeting with EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, who was at the entrance to the city at the time.

YNet reports that the Kassam warning system was not activated before the rockets hit. YNet also has two eyewitness accounts:
Tova Malka, the secretary of Mayor Eli Moyal, was at the landing site. "I left work and arrived at the center in order to drop off a good friend. He just got off and I continued driving, when I suddenly heard an explosion. My head flew forward and I hit it," she said.

Another resident, Moshe Shaubi, said, "I passed by to buy shoes. I saw my nephew exactly at the place where the rocket later fell. I shouted at him, 'Are you crazy? Don't hang around here.' Suddenly I heard an explosion. The rocket hit exactly when a woman passed by the car which was directly hit. I saw her and she was severely hurt in her legs."
The alarm system did go off during today's English matriculation exam for high school kids. Kids should not have to live this way.


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