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Monday, May 07, 2007

'Palestinians' blame the Jews for Johnston kidnapping

The 'Palestinian' Ma'an News Agency reports that the PLO's Department of Arab and International Relations is blaming Israel for the dangerous working conditions that journalists face in the Gaza Strip:
The Department of Arab and International Relations of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (DAIR-PLO) on Sunday issued a press release urging that "Israeli Occupation crimes against the Journalists must be halted."

The statement said that Israel has escalated its crimes against local and international journalists and media organisations. DAIR reported that Israeli measures greatly disrupt and often severely endanger the lives of journalists in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Journalists, DAIR reported, are often held for hours at checkpoints, denied entry to military zones and are subject to arrest, physical abuse and assassinations.

DAIR says that the Palestinian territories are the second most dangerous place for journalists internationally, after Iraq.

DAIR concluded its statement by declaring that it "calls for the immediate and unconditional release of Alan Johnston, the Palestinians' ally, such crimes serve only the Israeli occupation, and oppose the Palestinian interests in peace and freedom."
But Elder of Ziyon reports that just last week the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms published a report about the dangers journalists face in the territories. Those dangers are not caused by Israel:

It said at least 12 Palestinian journalists were wounded in attacks by militiamen, thugs and Palestinian Authority security officers during April.

...Referring to the attacks on the journalists by Palestinians, the center said: "What is dangerous about these assaults is that they are often carried out by guards of the Palestinian Legislative Council and the Palestinian prime minister. It's also worth noting that some Palestinian armed groups in the West Bank are trying to copy the assaults that are taking place in the Gaza Strip by attacking journalists and media institutions.

Read the whole thing.


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